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Introduction|Taichung City Seaport Art Center



Taichung City Seaport Art Center began its operations in March of 2000. The Center is located in the culturally rich town of Qingshui and built amongst rolling artificial hills and flat land. The overall planning of the grounds takes inspiration from the idea of “courtyard space”; the architecture design simulates the building style of southern Fu-jian, exuding humble elegance. The Center is a multipurpose artistic performance and exhibition space, with a gross floor area of 30,394㎡ sectioned into areas such as Exhibition Hall, Concert Hall, Taichung City Artist Archives, Conference Hall, Recreation Area with Open-Air Stage, Arts and Crafts Classrooms, Qingfong Building, the parking lot and the administrative offices.

We are expecting to establish a center of :

  • Education
  • Community
  • Academy
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • New Art Center in Central Taiwan


The gross floor space of the hall is 3,000 ㎡, and it was designed with the key term “in search of art” in mind. The entrance to the hall is similar to the average house entrance, creating the atmosphere of a search and giving a homecoming feeling to visitors. Exhibition spaces in the hall include Exhibition Room A (1,800㎡) , Exhibition Room B (750㎡) ,Exhibition Room C (280㎡) , Central Corridor, Qingshui Hall, Juyue Hall, Exhibition Room 2F and Tiangjing Square. Exhibitions regularly shown here include paintings, calligraphic art, photography, sculpture, ceramic art and historical artifacts.


The display area is roughly 345㎡ in total, serving the functions of collecting, organizing, storing, exhibiting and providing textual and visual information and records on the artistic achievements of Taichung artists, featuring three main sections: promotional material display, themed exhibition and multimedia reading room.


There are four classrooms in total. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and mobile seating, the studio classrooms provide the perfect learning environment for the arts and culture classes and weekend/holiday family workshop activities.


Taking up a total floor area of 1,800㎡, the Concert Hall sits under a white bamboo hat shaped rooftop. Such a unique feature makes the hall the most distinctive building at the Center. The hall is equipped with a proscenium stage and 546 seats in the audience. The hall is a multipurpose mid-to-small-sized performance space with a program focusing mainly on musical performances with occasional dance and theatre.


This area is an open air performance space composed of six outdoor squares, including Art Square, Qingshui Square, Mingliu Square, Xinyue Square, Activities Square and Yashu Corridor. The space is well suited for outdoor activities such as traditional opera, open-air concerts and weekend cultural events.

Qingfong Building

Qingfong Building is a 2-story Fu-jian style architecture. Since 2012, the Center has opened up the building for emerging artists to apply for workshops in order to support them to realize their dreams by providing the space for art creation and living art promotion. During their residence, visitors are accessible to close contact of the artists and their creations.