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Finding the Way - Ink Art Exhibition of Resident Artist HUANG CHING-CHUN|Taichung City Seaport Art Center


Finding the Way - Ink Art Exhibition of Resident Artist HUANG CHING-CHUN

課程照片(2023莊連東-槺榔國小導覽-黃靖淳主講)0328博智攝影 (7).
  • Exhibition Date:2023-08-05 ~ 2024-02-04
  • Exhibition Location:Artist Archives

Since the main space of the Taichung City Artists Archive was transformed into a children's art education space in 2020, it has actively invited teachers with children's art education background to come to the local cultural museum to provide art experience courses. From 2022, it has also proposed a resident artist program, hoping to provide more different art experiences for children in the coastline area of Taichung City through the artist's residency. Starting from August 5, 2023, we will invite young artist and the winner of the 2020 National Art Exhibition Ink art Gold Medal Ms. Huang ching-chun from Feng-yuan District to be the resident artist. In addition to organizing the "Finding the Way—Ink Art Exhibition of Resident Artist Huang ching-chun", the local cultural museum also plans to hold a series of children's art experience courses, and provide teachers and students from schools in the coastline area to sign up for participation. Citizens from all over the country and Taichung city are welcome to visit the exhibition.