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"Leisure Art Hours" - G97 2020 Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings Association|Taichung City Seaport Art Center


"Leisure Art Hours" - G97 2020 Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings Association

1_翁鴻盛_除舊呈祥_Rule out  evils to good fortune_油彩.畫布  50F  2019
5_葉敏蕙 森森選民服務處(一) 油彩 30F 2018(P1190247a)
4_青木,草叢一,52x76 cm,紙本水彩,2001
3_李玫俶_綻放_Bloom油彩.畫布 100F 2020
2_翁鴻盛_新盛風情 New Atmosphere, New Style 油畫 100F 2018
7_翁鴻盛_趨行在心靈深處(一)_Feeling my Heart what pursuing for in lifeⅠ_油畫 30F 2018
  • Exhibition Date:2020-07-11 ~ 2020-08-09
  • Exhibition Location:Exhibition Room C

"G97 Contemporary Paintings Association" is formed by the master classes of school classmates enrolled in 2008 at Tunghai University. This group of G97 Paintings Association comes from the Tunghai Classmates, following the "Art Endless" exhibition at Taichung City Seaport Art Center in 2015 and the "Art Fun" exhibition at Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center in 2017, now come to the "Leisure Art Hours" exhibition in 2020, showing permanent beliefs, using "Art" to meet friends!

Is life always busy, blind, and lost? As long as you stop for a while, you will see that flowers are smiling at you, the breeze is kissing your cheek, far away mountains is waving at you. The goodness in life is always there, depending on whether you are free and relaxed, and this leisure time sometimes needs you to learn how to cultivate.

As G97 Paintings Association composed of members from classmates, through large courses of aesthetics recognition and nurturing of life aesthetics, Each member now understand their best performance of different mediums, including each one of Asian Gouache, Color Ink Paintings and Calligraphy, and others, 4 persons of Oil Paintings. Aoki uses the rich texture of Asian Gouache to focus on fine observations, developing the life care of the "love" for natural scenery, and conveying a beautiful and harmonious relationship between the crowd and the environment. In the creation of oil paintings, Daisy Ong falls in a life in the mountains without years. It combines the classic techniques of oil painting and the lines of Chinese ink painting to capture the simple human landscape in rural life. From a close perspective, Mei-Chu Li uses practical techniques to express the philosophical thoughts of life space.

Steven Uong uses the alternative symbol of daily life images to develop paintings that are mixed with real and fiction, so that the picture is related to the real world, let the painting of "New Prevailing Style" is full of meaningful original vitality. Min-Hui Ye looked down at the height of Taiwan's landscape with butterfly's eyes. Using both of colors and lines, she created ecological care and reflection in the compressed overlooking space. Dai Hui-Wen's ink paintings return to the countryside and vegetation of Jiujiufeng mountains, using simple brushstrokes and stacked methods of the accumulated ink, and using the composition of the virtual and real space to explore the inner tranquility of the contemporary. Tsai Shiow-Rong's calligraphy chooses not to seek the beauty of the external form, but to pursue the internal charm contained in the line texture.

Art comes from life, more than life. Seven people moved the touching moments from their busy life into the creation, let the Leisure feelings fly into the pen tip, becoming the Art, hoping to share how we create permanent beauty in the busy daily life through the exhibition of "Leisure Art Hours".


Curator: The president of "G97 Contemporary Paintings Association": Steven Uong on July 11, 2020