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When Art Meets Industrial Manufacturing-Chen Mingshun and Taiyang Sun Rubber|Taichung City Seaport Art Center


When Art Meets Industrial Manufacturing-Chen Mingshun and Taiyang Sun Rubber

陳明順 河畔煙樓 50F
陳明順 西北雨 50P
陳明順 浩蕩山河 50F
陳明順 金瓜石夕陽 100F
陳明順 雲舞春風 50F
陳明順 天何言哉  100fF
  • Exhibition Date:2021-09-11 ~ 2021-10-03
  • Exhibition Location:Juyue Hall

Mr. Chen Mingshun studied as a child and cultivated artistic observation skills, coupled with natural art cells, to honed the sensitivity, coordination and richness of colors, and his work reveals the mastery of colors and the delicacy of observation of things. In his work "Riverside Tobacco Tower", he mentioned that during the Japanese Occupation Period, the Japanese government allowed the colonies to grow tobacco leaves in order to increase the income of the villages and supply the frontline demand on the battlefield. I remember that when I was a child, I lived in a smokehouse, so I have a deep feeling for the smokehouse. The building of the smokehouse is particularly beautiful. It follows the Japanese architecture and looks very emotional and warm, so I painted the smokehouse. It is also the childhood memory of many people.

This time at the Hong Kong Art Exhibition, Mr. Chen Mingshun specially selected this series of works, which are realistic, impressed, sensible, emotional, and life-like. Let us experience the richness of his artistic creation through his brush strokes. The world of colors.