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The 2019 Taiwan Emerging Art Awards|Taichung City Seaport Art Center


The 2019 Taiwan Emerging Art Awards

The 2019 Taiwan Emerging Art Awards Poster
  • Exhibition Date:2019-07-13 ~ 2019-09-18
  • Exhibition Location:Exhibition Room A

The multi-facet Taiwan modern art can always be found in Taiwan Emerging Art Award, which aims at promoting original sprits, avant-garde and innovative styles of art. The boundary of genre, media, and age were removed from the solicitation rules since 2016, in order to attract more notice of the artists through the particle awards system and opportunity of public exhibition. 244 pieces were submitted to us this year, which indicates the thriving power in the field of art creation in Taiwan, and the power is sure to be stronger than ever.

Form and media were used to differentiate art genres in the past, however people pursuit nowadays not only fine representation of nature in art creation. The 42 selected works of this year speak the language of modern art, which is composed of cross-boundary and multi-media and can be found in the traditional paintings, sculptures, and also installations assembled by ready-made products. The artists try hard to blur the line between art and daily life, in the Emerging Art Award, media are adopted to works in more than one function, which shows not only the freedom in creation, and also between the choices are the introspection and self-reflection of an artist. From the audience’s eyes, the selected works, no matter in the form of piling pigments or 3-dimensional constructions, are without questions multiple stimulations to sensory experience.

Take an overview to the artists’ statements, most of which are based on the innermost thoughts, memories, representation of experiences, reception and delivery of feelings of self. Besides, many social and environmental issues are raised by the works. The artists create with his/her mind and touch any kind of issues, they take actions after observation, expectation and imagination, to represent their own environment. It is like sonic ripples shivering and moving outward, and having conversations or even connections to audience’s thoughts, which through the feedback and digestion, spreads ones’ experience.

It is really a competitive game among the outstanding works this year, come with the final result, the selected extra-ordinary works will be exhibited to the public at Taichung City Seaport Art Center, where Taiwan Emerging Art Award is made a landmark of art exhibitions in Taichung City. At the exhibition, artists and art fans get together and have interactions to the works. We look forward to the continuous power and abundant emotion to create emerged in artists of Taiwan, who will inspire any of the possibilities to the development of Art in Taiwan.