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French-Salon Taiwan Artists Association Rotation Exhibition, 2020.|Taichung City Seaport Art Center


French-Salon Taiwan Artists Association Rotation Exhibition, 2020.

王瑋名 水月觀自在 50F  2019 油畫
  • Exhibition Date:2020-06-20 ~ 2020-07-12
  • Exhibition Location:Exhibition Room B
  • Opening Date: 6/21(日) 14:30

“The French Salon Taiwan Artists Association” was founded in 1997,whose members are all winners of the French Artist Salon Competition, led by Professor Li Yuan-Heng, the only Asian Judge in the world. The current chairman is Wang Wei-ming. Members include three generations of Taiwan’s old, middle and young art masters, including university professors, judges, top three winners of major art exhibitions, and other well-known artists in Taiwan. The goal of association is to actively develop overseas exhibitions and open up international fame for Taiwan artists .