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The 20th National Large Size Oil Painting Exhibition|Taichung City Seaport Art Center


The 20th National Large Size Oil Painting Exhibition

  • Exhibition Date:2021-11-13 ~ 2022-01-02
  • Exhibition Location:Exhibition Room A

“The National Large Size Oil Painting Exhibition” is the only National art exhibition which adopts large-size paintings. It has been organized since 2002 and turns 20th in 2021. All the works are “large size” and appear visually stimulating. The exhibition consists of two parts: guest exhibition and submission works. In addition to inviting elite oil painting artists and senior artists to share their works, the organizer reserves half of the entry quota for submission, which provides opportunities for emerging artists to present their works. The exhibition presents 93 works this year, including 44 works, contributed by guest artists and 49 pieces, selected in the art submission. The winner of first place is “Sitting and Watching the Clouds Rise#3,” by Li Hung-Tai, the second place is “Happy Life” by Kuo Shu-Yu and “Hope” by Huang Hui-Ping follows by.