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Play in Arts - 2022 Taiwan Province Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society Member Group Exhibition|Taichung City Seaport Art Center


Play in Arts - 2022 Taiwan Province Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society Member Group Exhibition

  • Exhibition Date:2022-05-21 ~ 2022-06-12
  • Exhibition Location:Exhibition Room B

The Taiwan Province Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society aims to advocate traditional calligraphy and painting, magnify the inherent Chinese culture, and engage in research and development and social welfare activities. It was founded in 1992 and has been established for nearly 30 years. Its members are all artists who have been deeply involved in calligraphy and painting. Now, there are more than 90 members, and the oldest member is 98 years old. The three generations of senior, middle-aged and young co-prosperity, is a long-standing and excellent calligraphy and painting group.


The founding chairman of the society is Ma Xiang-Bo, assembled Jing Song-Ling, Wang Rong-Wu, Wei Jian-Qiu, Zhang Gui-Qing, Deng Hua-Jie, Zhai Da-San, Luo Yong-Hua, Geng Guang-De, Hsu Bo-Chao, Li Zhen-Ya and other calligraphy and painting masters, and recruited An Guo-Jun, Wang Li-Lu and many seniors for guidance. Later, followed by He Ling-Kai, You Qing-Long, Tsai Shu-Chen, Wang Chien-Shen, Wang, Ho-Mei, Yuan Chih-Jin etc. chairman of the board, they have inherited the past, developed the conference affairs and contributed a lot; now we invite Tsai You, Tsai Chun-Chang, Lin Chen-Tao, Wu Kung-Ju, Chen, Hua, Chang Tzu-Chiang, Chen I-Chih, Shen Chien-Lung, as Consultants, make the conference more improved and more vigorous.


Our members are all calligraphers and painters who are deeply involved in calligraphy and painting, such as You Qing-Long, Tsai Shu-Chen, Wang Ho-Mei, Wang Mei-Nan, Yuan Chih-Jin, Lin Hsing-Nan, Huang Tsun-Wu, Feng Guo-Ding, Lin Ci-Lang, Wu Chun-Hui, Wang Wei-Chung, Chiang Chu-Chiu, Hsu Fu-Chun, Chen Yen-Ting, Zhou He-Shan, Chen Li-Zhen, Lin Mei-Ling, Chen Fen-Lan, Hou Yin-Chin, Lai Suxia, Hsu Li-Mei, Lin Mao-Hsiang, Lin Chiuh-Suang, Wu Mei-Li, etc., many of them are the current presidents of the Calligraphy and Painting Society, and the members have won awards for many times. All of them have specialties in their studies. They are all tireless and deep innovative for inheriting and developing the beauty of calligraphy and painting, which is really worthy of applause.


In this joint exhibition of members, more than 70 pieces of ink painting and calligraphy were exhibited, all of which were elaborate created by the exhibitors. Calligraphy covers a variety of calligraphy styles; paintings feature landscapes, flowers and birds, figures, etc., all of which combine modern and classical techniques to present a new style of creation.


The works on display integrate the beauty of calligraphy and painting with life, and combine education with entertainment, so as to achieve the purpose of inheritance and sharing, which can improve the city's artistic and literary levels, create the peaceful atmosphere of the society. Please visit actively, and kindly give your criticism and advice.