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Yuesen Liu Art Exhibition |Taichung City Seaport Art Center


Yuesen Liu Art Exhibition

  • Exhibition Date:2020-08-15 ~ 2020-09-06
  • Exhibition Location:Juyue Hall

Liu Yuesen graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Taiwan University of the Arts and is a professional art teacher. He mentioned that he likes to use images to record beautiful people and things in life, and to explore the moving truth, goodness and beauty has always been his goal of pursuing art; writing and painting is an ark for realizing his ideals. Slowly marching forward in the vast sea of ​​art, draw out a series of small waves of the sea of ​​art, so that the appeal of aesthetics can spread outward.

Most of the content of this exhibition comes from the sights that he can easily find in his daily life, and there are also improvisations that come to light. Perhaps the external image and the internal image are mutually inward and outward. It seems that idealism or materialism does not matter. Now, artistic creation is inseparable from the sensory expression in life.