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Contact Us

Welcome to share your comments and suggestions. Please use the online form below to drop us a note. We will process your message as quickly as possible.

Case-handling Principles

  • This center respects any petitions and recommendations received through this platform. According to Article 173 of the Administrative Procedure Law, the public’s petition shall not be processed if they include the following conditions:
    1. The mail has no content, the true name of the sender is not provided, or the address is not provided.
    2. Re-petition of issues that have been properly handled, with clear answers given.
    3. Agencies that do not have authority over the petition content shall transfer the petition to other agencies upon receiving the content.
  • Thank you for contacting us. The processing time of this service is 7 working days (excluding holidays). If the content of the message is more complicated and needs further verification, we will notify you by email first and get back to you soon. Thank you for your patience!
  • In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, which came into effect October 1, 2012, we will not release your personal information to a third party without your consent unless required for official business. As government agencies have different jurisdictions and areas of expertise, we may forward your email to the appropriate ministry or agency for reply. Your basic information (including name, phone number and email address) will be forwarded along with your message.